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    My First Audio-book~ You can do it too!

    I never thought in my lifetime that I would be writing a post about my own audiobook. Today I was very fortunate enough to view my own audiobook at The feeling was and still is awesome.

    After I quit my job a few months ago to become a stay-at-home caregiver for my 96 year old mom, I had lots of time to sit around and think about what I was going to do with my life. Occasionally I would write blog-posts for products and niches that I thought were of interest to me, but never really took any of them too serious.

    One night I was sitting at my computer and I got an email from a gentleman that I have lots of confidence in. His writings and accomplishments are so encouraging and will bring out the best in anyone. The e-mail read; “Only a tiny fraction of the human race ever gets into the pages of Wikipedia. So I started the much-needed to serve our human nature and bring everyone in. Be known, be recognized, and be remembered”.

    I accepted his invitation and begin writing. I never knew I could really write until that night. I am a Christian and believe in a much higher power than myself. That night as I begin to write all of my inner thoughts began to just come out of nowhere. I thank God for letting me recognize that everything that I needed, I already had within my reach to make some major moves. It was up to me to allow my gift to come forth.

    I still don’t consider myself an all-around writer but I’m very proud to have written my first book: The Life of Magdaline Slatewood: Brief Summary. The book and the Kindle Edition are on sale at The audiobook is on sale at and will be in a few weeks at Amazon and iTunes. A special thanks to my producer and narrator, Jennifer Shevlin-Nichols for her great storytelling, voice qualities and a very special thanks to Amazon and AudiobookCreation Exchange (ACX) for the tools that they provide to make it so easy to self-publish. 

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