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    "Why I Decided to Give My Book Away for Free."

    Writing a book takes time and energy, but overall its lots of fun. Keeping the audience engaged is the main focus that an author has to contend with.

     To spend hours, days, weeks, even months writing a book is valued and it should never be taken lightly.

    Today I’ve decide to give my book away for free to all audiences and readers: The Life of Magdaline Slatewood: Brief Summary. The book can be downloaded at:!

    The reason an author should consider giving their book away is: To become known to the reading audiences and other authors. There are millions of books written each year in all categories and formats. Some of even good, bad and ugly! One would never be interested in an author’s writings until their name is put out into the reading community and readers take an interest.

    Exposure is crucial to an author’s success. Attracting readers by word of mouth is a start and smart thing to do. Groups or organizations that resonate with different styles of writings will consider giving a read and might generate a few sales, but that’s not enough to get the exposure that the book needs to get good reviews.

    There should always be an end goal to a plan. Sales are significant for a book’s success.  To gain exposure is to give the book away for FREE by download. There’s risk in everything one does, but not to do anything wouldn’t generate any amount of success. 

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