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    Spiritual Conduct for Living!

    Children are born every minute of the day. We are fascinated at the birth of a newborn, but how many times have we stopped to think about that little ones future? Nobody wants to see a child grow up abused.

    Each person sets their own standards to live by, but are they lined up with how society thinks or how morally we should think? When a child is born he/she cannot think for themselves. Parents or guardians are their thinking caps and their means of training. All parents are responsible for teaching their kids right from wrong. They are the ones that should correct their behavior when they get out of line.

    In my book: “Spiritual Conduct for Leadership: Servanthood”, there are standards for leadership that should be displayed by leaders in any spiritual setting; whether it be in the home, a religious setting or real life event.

    Christians are to exhibit Christ-like characteristics such as: humility, discipline, being pleasant, kind, self-controlled, thoughtful and godly. There should be evidence of supervision of family and household.

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