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    Type of writing style -Expository

    There are four types of writing styles. They are Expository, Descriptive, Persuasive and Narrative.

    Today’s article will expand on expository writing. Expository writing explains its subject matter in depth, without offering up personal opinions. These type of writings focuses on related facts that explains real and proven illustrations.

    Essay and article writing, falls into the expository style of writing. To begin let’s look at what essay writing consist of.
    First, an essay is a long-drawn-out piece of writing that supports an idea or proposal. Essay writing presents a case for the quality of being factually comprehensive to a specific point of view, inquiry or clarification.

    There are also three other different types of essays.

     Argumentative essay- gives proof that the facts are correct that are presented.

    Persuasive essay- convinces the reader to accept a valid position on a subject matter or point of view.

    Analytical essay- investigates, observe and interpret such things as an occasion, book, songs, performance or other work of art.

    Secondly, an article is a written masterpiece in writing style, usually nonfiction, on a particular subject matter, relying only on oneself or one's own abilities to create a part of a book, newsprint or publication.

    There are two main types of articles.

    Definite Articles- the subject matter might be mentioned or it may be something distinctively specified.

    Indefinite Articles- may be something that’s mentioned for the first time, or could be a general statement about any particular thing.

    Expository writing is writing that try to find a way to explain or describe something. Its real purpose is to inform and provide information to the reader about a specific topic or subject.

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