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    An Effective Leader

    A leader is someone that’s in charge, a person who persuades other people to follow them. Great leaders arouse the confidence in other people and move them to action. Without leadership, there would be no guidance or direction. Every leader in society plays a vital role as to providing leadership of some kind, whether it’s to an individual, a body of people or organization, a business or household.

    My book, “Effective Leaders and Leadership” delves into many phases of life where good leadership is important. An effective leader sets the standard for others to follow.

    Successful leaders are great communicators. Effective leaders communicate properly; they are able to network and build trust with the people that follow them. They are also collaborative- having the ability to connect and work with others. Great leaders are defined by how well they can handle disputes or confrontations and what approach they take to solve problems. 

    Leaders are innovators, those people who introduce new methods, ideas, or products to humanity. Last, but not least, leaders are visionaries, individuals who can see images and ideas with their imagination. The best leaders are great teachers.

    Preparedness and readiness are two concepts that are required and represent effective leadership

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