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    Type of writing style- Narrative

    Narrative writing is a story of events joined together to provide entrance and communication. The events can be factual or fictional, presented in a grouping of written or spoken words, or silent or stirring images, or both.

    The purpose of Narrative writing is narration- the art of storytelling. A factual story is one that is based on, genuine actions that’s unfolded in real life. A fictional story is invented or made-up; the characters and events are created as the writer sees fit. The writer writes the story in a way to engage the audience emotionally; whether it is through enjoyment, kindness, panics or anger.

    Features of narrative writing include characters, plan, conflict, location, and point of view. Types of narrative writing include:

    • ·     Novels- a long, imaginary narrative which defines intimate human thought of facts or events.

    • ·     Short stories- an invented story shorter than the length of a novel, with fewer characters, often focused on the creation of disposition rather than a story-line.

    • ·     Comics- used to express thoughts by images, often joined with writings or other visual information.

    • ·     Plays- are a form of literature written by a writer, usually consisting of a channel of communication between characters, intended for stage enactment rather than just reading.

    • ·     Musicals- melodramatic performance that combines songs, spoken conversation, drama and dance.

    • ·     Narrative poetry- is a method of poetry that tells a story, often creating the voices of a narrator and characters as well; the entire story is usually written in a regular pattern of accented- long or unaccented- short.

    A style of writing can be well-defined by the way an author writes. The style is a method in which an individual uses in his or her own writing as to how to express a thought or idea. The style differs with each author, and depends upon the sentence structure, paragraph structure, presentation, and the attitude expressed in their conversation or writings that’s used to deliver the meaning successfully.

    The choice of words is actually a central component in every writer’s style. Although good wording is somewhat a matter of test and blunders, of playing with sentences until they sound right, it is also a matter of following common taste that careful readers and writers tend to share.

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