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    Type of writing style- Persuasive

    Persuasive writing is a method of fact-based text that inspires careful word choice, with the improvement of commonsense arguments, and a cohesive summary. A sequence of simple steps will guide the effort of even a child to develop their persuasive writing skills.

    Persuasive writing gives details and illustrations to impact an action or thought. Effective persuasive writing requires that a writer state openly their understanding of an action and supply the ins and outs and detailed examples that support their point of view.

    The purpose for this type of writing is used to sway, or persuade, the reader or audience that the writer’s belief, claim, or statement is correct and accurate.

    Persuasive writing is an argument within itself. An argument must have two positions and must be questionable. Persuasive writing uses logic and details to show that one opinion is more authentic than the other. It challenges a reader to accept a certain point of view or to take a specific action. The argument must always use thorough rational and solid proof by declaring evidences, using illustrations, quotes and giving a common-sense perceptive.

    Ethos, logos, and pathos are three areas of persuasive writing. Each one is a significant instrument in a persuasive argument and they each have its own meaning.

    1.  Ethos means "custom" or "character”. It is feeling, human behavior- (right or wrong, good or bad), the distinguishing principles of an individual, group, or organization and the personal character which serves to identify the difference between a person and thing. An example can refer to practices or values and feature or personality, which depends on the integrity or trustworthiness of the individual creating the argument.

    2.  Logos is the rationality behind an argument. Logos is a persuasive practice often used in writing and empty talk that is intended to sway. Logos tries to persuade an audience using reasonable arguments and supportive proof. It often shows up in an argument in the form of facts and figures. Example of Logos is presenting evidence to convince a reader or listener.

    3.  Pathos an attribute of an experience in life, or a work of art, that stimulates emotions. It’s also the value or power in an actual life experience or in writings, song, conversation, or other forms of communication, which brings to mind a feeling of pity, of concern, sorrow or compassion. An example is to develop an emotional connection with the audience.

    Persuasive writing is use in many situations. It’s also used to persuade the audience that a specific point of view is noteworthy of deliberations. It wants a reader to consider all sides of a problem, while the writer tells a favorable side over the other.

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